« Alienation » is a piece that explores the struggles of trying to stay healthy and okay while also trying to navigate the darkness within. It speaks to the experience of losing oneself in the pursuit of fitting into societal norms, and the importance of setting one’s own goals and values rather than seeking the approval of others. This piece was created after two years of dealing with depression, as the artist sought to reclaim their sense of self and worth. Through « Alienation, » the artist hopes to convey the message that even in difficult times, it is possible to find strength and value within oneself.

« Around 2016-2018 I had a really big depression. Became avoidant, searching for darkness to thrive and exist. I’m sharing this piece today, speaking about the struggle to keep the head out of water. To try and become healthy again, or at least ok. This piece speaks about losing oneself by trying to integrate into the norm, into society. About trying to be a part of something you don’t believe in. About sabotage and self-destruction. This piece is a young piece, that speaks about hate, love, and hurt. Weaseling myself back into sanity, and trying to get a grasp of life. The movement between dark and light, the constant unease and insecurity. »

Alienation, ©Rosalie Oakman, 2018.